The Picture-Perfect Life: How To Handle People Who Wrong You

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The Picture-Perfect Life: How To Handle People Who Wrong You


The last three years have been my best and worst.

I have had to learn the art of being still and silent in the midst of adversity. When you're put in situations that are out of your control, naturally, the first thing you want to do is gain some sort of control. For me, I am a business owner—so I am always having to deal with problem-solving issues that need quick solutions.

I don’t turn it off when it comes to my personal life. When I am dealing with personal issues—the first thing I am trying to figure out is how to solve and move on. However, some issues aren't in our control.

When they become much larger than us, the only thing we can do is wait it out for the results. This post here is going to show you how I personally deal with the issue called, “When people wrong you, what to do.”

Weigh out your battles - not every battle is worth the fight.

Everyone isn't worth your time, energy or sacrificing peace. Nobody is in control of you, but you. Every time you internalize what someone says or does, your body does this funky thing where it lets out a poison called stress.

Stress triggers high blood pressure, migraines, and emotional unstableness for years. You lose sight of your dreams and goals.

Think about this one for a moment. You could have a small project you're wanting to accomplish over the next few days, but someone causes a disturbance. That disturbance interrupts the inner peace that makes you spend more time analyzing then getting anything else done.

Understand the phrase… Hurt people hurt people.

Hurt people carry around damage that causes them to become defensive and self-protective, which leads to lashing out at others. When you're dealing with people that are hurt for whatever reason, they'll see that you're high on happiness—it is only natural that they want to feel the same as you.

It’s nothing for them to try to throw a boomerang into your happiness.

I’ve realized over time that hurt people are liars. They tend to hurt others with made up shit that was intended to do nothing but bring you down. So, in the moment of dealing with a hurt person, you have to decipher between truth and intentional meanness. You can’t consume it as your truth.

Let God fight your battles.

(You can apply this one around your individual religious beliefs.)

This is a tough one. The reason being is because God doesn’t operate the way we do, and we don’t know when or how He is going to show up in our behalf...

However, there's a scripture that I paraphrase in the Bible that notes God saying that vengeance belongs to Him, and He will repay. Which means the battle is never yours to fight.

If you can just hold out fighting back, then God will take care of it for you. But, the challenge is holding out and not taking matters into your own hands. The good news is if you can hold out, the victory is sweeter than you could of ever done yourself.

Silence isn’t a weakness—it’s a strength!

Let's start out this one with an example… someone has wronged you on so many levels. Their actions have belittled you and disrespected you to the utmost. You're trying to figure out how to defend yourself in the moment—but the only thing you can think to do is say nothing because of the initial shock.

Well, if you can gather the strength to continue to say nothing, it's the best way to defend yourself. You have to know the way the human psyche operates. We want to know what another person is thinking…We're curious about what people are doing...

When people are arguing, each party wants to know exactly how the other person is feeling... So, think if you didn’t react back—how powerless that would make the other person. You know where they're coming from but they're not privy to where you are coming from. Sometimes, you just have to leave people hanging in their own shit.

Sweetest revenge is success—This right here is what you want to aim for!

When you think about revenge, it’s nothing but a destructive, desperate and vicious form of expression. Ultimately, it can be useless and backfire on you in a negative way. However, using what was meant for your harm as a stepping stool to motivate you to the next level of your life is the only form of revenge that benefits you.

In conclusion, I strive to be a symbol of positivity and hope for others—not a person known to fight petty battles that don’t amount to anything at the end of the day.

I am a single mother, business owner and a young woman fighting every day to thrive and not just survive.

So, I have to look through and over people who try to distract me with unwanted negativity that doesn’t feed my soul. This is also why I’ve chosen to make therapeutic products that I enjoy making. They help me relax even in the most intense circumstances.

The last three years have been my best and worst. As a single mom and business owner, I've had many people try to wrong me. I want to share how I overcome circumstances thrown at me.

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