Hey girl heeeyy! I'm Diamond--real name, pinky promise. I started blogging about 5 years ago ( I wish there was a "roll my eyes" emoji on this keyboard). Then, I hated it and quit (at the time, best decision of my life). Since 5 years ago, millions of people have been blogging--which simply means there's a lot of shit out here to read. Okay so ask me the one dollar question of the day, "Why the hell are you back?" --Be easy, I'm not back to show you my designer shoes or skirt I made out of yarn and noodles. I'm back because 5 years ago, I was partying and living my life like there was no fucking tomorrow. I traveled, ate 5 star cuisines, fell in and out of love, picked up my business when it was fun and put it down when I was tired of making costly complicated decisions. Pretty much that was probably when I fell back in love with a boyfriend. Major setback and distraction for me. Sidenote: don't fall asleep, the good stuff is coming.

Fast forward 5 years later and I'm a single mom who finally decided to take her shit serious. So wait!?! The fuck? How did I become a single mother. My parents have been married 30 years and I was not like a crazy ass girlfriend whose boyfriend broke up with her and then found out there was a bun in the oven. Nope, not my story. However, I did get the story that no one else would want! Before, my beautiful baby boy was born in January 2016, his dad and I were on and off together for the last 3 1/2 years. And, yes he made it easy for me to fall in and out of love with him. However, before I found out I was pregnant, we had decided to try love again and this time more permanent--marriage, kids, white picket fence house and you know how that story goes (blah blah blah). We got to the house and kid part but no marriage.

So the next question you have is, "Why Come?" The answer would be anyone's worst nightmare after just giving birth to a baby--A Car Accident. It was 3 weeks after I delivered our son, he was in a traumatic car accident that left him severely brain injured. Side note: Out of respect, I'm not going to elaborate on the horrible events that took place after the accident that left me to quickly having to figure out how to work, care for our infant (at the time) and cope. You know what?--now that I think about it, I don't think I know what postpartum depression is. I'm not sure where my short lived depression came from between that or the accident. My world moved so fast and became blurry--I had to quickly switch gears to survival mode for my baby. Which meant no negative energy or long periods of crying that would upset him. Most importantly, no more breast feeding! As I do believe in transferred energy and I refused to do that to him. So he ended up going on this expensive ass $45 a can formula called, Earth's Best. Sometimes it got to 2-3 cans a week. But, it was the best thing close to breastmilk and he was never colicky. He was happy and I worked hard for that smile despite how crushed I was.

Let's rewind a bit--I remember back in 2012, I got on my knees and told God that I wanted him to put me in a position that I was financially secure on my own and not dependent upon anyone to make life go for me. I found myself getting stuck in this stupid ass routine of going from my parents taking care of me throughout college to meeting a guy with a great profession who could now take care of me and so on so forth. I was just so content with it for too many years too long. Okay--have you ever heard someone say, "Be careful what you ask God for because he just might give it to you when you least expect it." I am here to tell you that this statement is TRUE! Remember, what I prayed for was in 2012...however, 2016 marked the beginning of that prayer being answered. It was time for me to get responsible. It was time for me to pull my thongs up (ouch..) and stop making excuses as to why I didn't really have a direction for my business. It was time for me to start living my best life as a single mom. It Was Time For Change!

Side Note: The point of me blogging again is to get to know you and you to get to know me. No one could have given me a crystal ball to tell me this was going to happen--TO ME! Maybe this could have been a story someone else was telling me or perhaps a movie I saw on Netflix. But, no way in the hell, my reality. So, girlfriend, whether you are a single mom or a wife who feels like a single mom--these blog posts are going to be for you. I am going to tell and show you how this single mom has not let her ultimate setback be a setback but rather a setup for a comeback! In addition, I am going to show you the benefits of the products I offer and how I actually incorporate them into my busy lifestyle. I will even highlight some of my favorite things from other local and handcrafted women entrepreneurs. Stay tune!

From one single mom to another--don't let your light dim!


P.S. Don't let society place that ugly ass single mom mark on you. You're fucking better than that!


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  • Carina Harmon

    I was in tears reading your post. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey. I know I will learn something important. Blessings 😊

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