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I've learned a few life lessons on how to handle people who label you an outcast, and want to push you out the way. In my series, The Picture Perfect Life, I'm sharing how I dealt with my son's father's family kicking my son and me out of his life. It was my boyfriend's car accident that made me a single mom. The condition it left him in sealed the deal and his family closed the door.

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Self-love is a popular topic these days—especially because of the society we live in that lacks life-balance. I've learned a thing or two about the importance of self-love in the last few years of life. I'd love to share with you why I believe this is the best kind of love there is.

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The last three years have been my best and worst. As a single mom and business owner, I've had many people try to wrong me. I want to share how I overcome circumstances thrown at me.

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I want to take a quick pause from my story and focus on the feelings that were taking place at that moment…I like to call it, “feeling paralyzed to my problem.” This is all part of the picture-perfect life after all...

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