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Are you technically alone or unhappy if you're not in a relationship? Society paints this perception that if you're not in one--there's no way you're a fulfilled or happy person. Sooo...I simply put myself to the test to see if society standards were accurate. I had only known myself in relationships. Sadly, I did not know myself outside of one. Keep reading...

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What does it mean to be ONE TONE? My brother taught me a very important lesson in keeping your attitude and character in check, while dealing with other people who lack integrity.

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I've learned a few life lessons on how to handle people who label you an outcast, and want to push you out the way. In my series, The Picture Perfect Life, I'm sharing how I dealt with my son's father's family kicking my son and me out of his life. It was my boyfriend's car accident that made me a single mom. The condition it left him in sealed the deal and his family closed the door.

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