Hold The Key To....Collection

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Hold The Key To....Collection

Hey girl heeey!!! So, being on this wild and crazy journey has led me to holding many keys in my life. Have you ever been through some pretty tough situations...prayed about it and then thought 💭 “God why aren’t you answering my prayers at lightening speed?!”...then you start doubting whether or not he's going to come through for you?!?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’ve been there one too many times. Now, go back to grade school when you were given tests...the teacher was silent throughtout the time you were taking it...then a few days later you found out whether you passed or failed. Same rule applies for when we are given life tests—God (the teacher) is silent. Then, later on we find out whether we've passed or failed.

For me, I believe every time I’m tested—if I pass—I’m given a key 🔑 to hold. The key gives me the confidence in believing that I have the power over important aspects of my life. Such as: my happiness, my love, my faith, my blessings and my dreams. As I've been journaling--the creative side of me has been spinning its wheel. I thought about having a collection of key necklaces called, "Hold The Key To..."-- that could travel through life with both, me and you! These necklaces can be found on the homepage under "Our Favorite Finds." The larger keys are $12 and the smaller keys are $10. FREE SHIPPING on your order (no minimum necessary).

Let’s take a quick look 👀 into each category and what it means (to me)...Let's see if I can give it my best shot!...

1. Hold The Key to Happiness: This key gives me empowerment. I found out the hard way that happiness was not a gift someone else could give to me. I had to soul search for it through trials and tribulations...and I found it by not relying on people or things as crutches to get me through. I relied on my faith and strength--now I know I can do it myself, over and over again. Through this particular process, I've become a self-made woman. 

 2. Hold The Key to Love: This was the key that gave me back my freedom. When, I understood the importance of self love--I no longer needed to search for validation outside of myself. 

3. Hold The Key to Faith: Although, all the keys are important...this one has held top value to me. The reason is simple--it's the master key that unlocks all the doors--happiness, love, blessings and dreams! 

4. Hold The Key to Blessings: This is my favorite key and my 24 hour a day goal to achieve! I plant seeds in all aspects of my life (everyday) to manifest into blessings. This particular key gives reassurance that what's for you is for you. No one person can truly open or shut doors that aren't meant to be open or shut! 

5. Hold The Key to Dreams: This is the key that keeps you accountable for not letting go of your dreams. Remember, our individual dreams, goals and aspirations are uniquely placed within us. So, it is NEVER for the next person to get or understand. It is solely there for you to tap into! 

From one single mom to another---don't let your light dim!

P.S. It's amazing how much power words of affirmation hold. If I am not wearing one of my keys, I feel like my day gets off track. On the flip side, if something throws me off or upsets me and I have on my key(s)--I'm able to quickly put things back into perspective. In addition, I'm reminded that I didn't come this far in my life to be dropped by the waste side--so I'm able to keep pushing to my long term goals. Never know which day the ultimate reward will reveal itself! 

Here is a link directly to the "Favorite Finds" page... https://www.gehati.com/collections/favorite-finds

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