24 Hour Aromatherapy Soy Candle

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GEHATI products are made FRESH, daily. Once a product is made, the curing process takes 24-48 hours. Please allow 2-3 business days after placing your order for process and preparation, before ship out. Our motto is.."Where fresh goes, peace lies." Once, package ships, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number.  

Please Note: Fragrances carry different depending on the products it's being used. Example: A scent that is strong in an air mist may carry a mild strength in a candle. More ingredients are being used to make a candle than an air mist. So, it can (not all the time) change the strength. We note the strengths in the description below.

The 24 Hour Candle is an addictive fragrance that will leave you with a hangover. It is our recommended candle when you're just not sure which scent to buy because it addresses all three scent categories. It has a woodsy vibe, sweet aroma and fresh notes. It's a combo of mahogany, blood orange, red pepper, cognac and bourbon. Definitely a unisex fragrance. Scent strength is mild.

Gehati Candles are cruelty free, vegan friendly and eco-friendly.

The jars are glass, making it reusable and recyclable. Wicks are made with cotton and lead-free. The wax is Soy--made from a renewable crop, "Soybeans." The candles burn clean and slow. A lot of our scent ingredients are synthetic fragrances created for candles. They burn safe and consistent. Allowing scents to linger for days!

➤Sustainable Manufacturing: Each candle is carefully hand poured in our studio
➤ Glass jar: 3-3/8" diameter x 4-1/4" height 
➤Size: 13.5 oz
➤Burn Time: Approx. 70+ hours
➤This fine fragrance is Phthalate free


Our candles are used for multiple reasons. Any where from stress relief to wanting the home to smell amazing to setting the mood for a romantic evening!

Note: All of the candles come in custom black drawstring bags. The perfect gift to you and your loved ones is the gift of relaxation!


This fine fragrance is Phthalate Free!

Phthalate acid is commonly used in fragrances to extend the aromatic strength. However, high levels of it can lead to different health issues down the road. Better safe than not with Phthalate Free products!

GEHATI fragrant products are intended to positively relax the mind and uplift the soul. In addition to making your sanctuary smell delightful. 

Please read the "Caution" label underneath the candle so that you are aware of proper procedures for handle and care.

This fragrance comes in a 1 oz air mist spray, click link below...



Made in the U.S., Handcrafted in Atlanta, Georgia.

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