Gehati Jewelry has been designed to excellent quality standards. Each of our products are hand crafted and requires delicate handling.Each piece of jewel is classified as "Fashion Jewelry" which means over time it will darken or tarnish with normal wear. But, proper care and maintenance will extend the life span. Take care to avoid exposing jewelry to substances containing bleach or ammonia. Remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated water. To avoid contact with perfume, cosmetics, or any other household chemicals, always try to put your jewelry on after you dress. Please properly store in room temperature conditions away from extreme temperatures and environments.  


To keep your gemstones sparkling, clean them when dust and fingerprints have dimmed their brilliance. Avoid using soap, since they are porous rocks that can absorb anything. Gently, wipe with a moist cloth to remove any dirt, dust or oil. To prevent it from scratching against other jewelry, always store it in a separate case. Don't place diamond jewelry in the same case as gemstone jewelry, as it will scratch and leave a mark.

The temperature where gems are kept should be constant. Gemstones can crack from dramatic shifts in temperature. Also many colored gemstones may fade or discolor while in the sunlight, so make sure to keep certain jewelry away from the sun.

All of our metal is plated, either over brass or sterling silver and will specified along with each item. Over time, the metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear. We suggest to lightly wipe the metal with a polishing cloth; however, excessive cleaning will rub off the plating and is NOT highly recommended. 


When cleaning leather, you want to preserve the natural lubricating oils, instead of stripping them. When cleaning distressed leather, you want to dap stains as opposed to wiping them. Using a soft sponge or nonabrasive cloth that has been lightly dampened with leather cleaner, gently dab any stained areas until they are fully clean. DO NOT use leather cleaner, excessively, as it will cause leather to fade, prematurely.


Due to the nature of our handcrafted work, All Sales are FINAL. Before, purchasing, please put some thought into it. We LITERALLY make each design by hand. We pride ourselves on individuality. Therefore, no one piece is the same. So, it's equivalent to having custom work done at an awful affordable price point. Please understand that the time, dedication and hard work that goes into each piece isn't worth a return. When you place an order, your piece is made specifically for you. However, we do accept items for store credit within 21 days of purchase receipt. Item(s) must be returned in new and re-saleable condition with original packaging and receipt. Custom orders are final sale. Gehati is not responsible for items lost or damaged, in transit. Further, we are not responsible for shipping on returns. Please include tracking on your returned package. Once your return is processed, you will receive a Gehati credit by email. Exchanges will be subject to shipping charges. All credits are valid for one year after issue date. Email us the reason for your return, will help us provide better service in the future.  

Gehati product purchased through another store, MUST be returned to that store. 


We will repair any jewelry item purchased through Items purchased through other retailers must be returned to that store for repairs. All repairs are handled on a case-by-case basis, depended upon material availability and nature of repair. Due to the nature of our products, certain components on older items may be discontinued. Upon interest, we offer similar, but alternative replacement pieces. Please email and request a repair tracking number (RTN). Less than 6 months of purchase (date on receipt) is FREE (repair charges). Over 6 months (purchase date on receipt) is subjected to repair fees. The fees are contingent upon material availability and nature of repair. Gehati is not responsible for any shipping charges. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the repair and return to you. Once you send an email to us we will send you RTN and shipping information.