Linen Fresh Air Freshener Spray
Linen Fresh Air Freshener Spray

Linen Fresh Air Freshener Spray

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There's nothing better than inhaling the smell of fresh laundry. It makes you feel like your floating on a fluffy cloud. This multi-purpose scented air freshener spray can transform an entire environment--home, office, car, restrooms, gym bag, kitchens, trash bags or anywhere else that needs a little refreshing. This spray has a strong scent throw. GUARANTEED freshness and instantly eliminates unpleasant odors!

Custom blend of distilled water, fine fragrance oils and extracts.
Soft notes of powder, lilac, jasmine, peony, Egyptian musk and french vanilla. Has you reminiscing over downy fabric softener. >>>Addictive!

All of our fine fragrances are Phthalate Free!

Phthalate acid is commonly used in fragrances to extend the aromatic strength. However, high levels of it can lead to different health issues down the road. Better safe than not with Phthalate Free products!

Spray is 1 oz clear bottle. The height of the bottle is 2.5".

Our sprays are made to provide a pleasant aroma to your room, office, car, etc. (not overpowering or irritating to the senses).

We have clients who have replaced their car fresheners with our spray because the scent lingers for days. If using in car, we recommend that you spray directly on the car mats.

<<<Do not spray on skin or clothing. Keep out of reach for children and pets.>>>